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AHA Action

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AHA Supports Councilwoman Parkers Amendments

Three days before Christmas, Charleston City Councilman Peter Shahid spearheaded the effort to sneak through the reauthorization of the Marxist Commission on Racial Conciliation that the AHA help defeat just three months earlier.  Councilman Shahid claims this commission is different from the last commission, but the only real change is the name.  The extremist mission is the same.  In an effort to expose this charade, the AHA is supporting Councilwoman Caroline Parker's amendments to the enabling ordinance which would strictly prohibit Marxist policies.  Below is the page 3 ad we ran in the Post and Courier in support.

AHA Defeats Charleston's Marxist Commission!

The AHA launched a campaign against Charleston, SC  Mayor John Tecklenburg's Commission on Equity, Inclusion and Racial Conciliation.  This commission was filled with far-left extremists which recommended putting Critical Race Theory in our public schools, taking away resources from our police and removing historical monuments.  Our lobby effort and public campaign resulted in the Commission being terminated at the September 2021 City Council meeting.


On the day of the vote we ran the following ad on page 3 of the Post and Courier:

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The op-ed (linked above) was published in papers throughout South Carolina in August of 2021.

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