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The Story of America Legislative Package


The American Heritage Association has officially endorsed South Carolina's Story of America legislative package.

Education, Preservation, and Integrity. The Story of America Package is a set of three bills which seek to preserve the American story by restoring real history education in our schools, protecting the integrity of historical plaques and markers and preserving historical monuments and sculptures for future generations. Below are summaries of each of the bills along with a draft letter of support that you can use as a guide for emailing or calling your state representative to express your desire to see the Story of America package become law in South Carolina.



State Representative Lin Bennett.

This bill is still under development but will be released soon.  It will mandate the teaching of the founding of America every year in grades six through twelve. The topics to be covered include, the causes of the Revolution, the Revolutionary War, the founding documents, and how the principles established during the Revolution affected future events in American history. President Ronald Reagan said, "Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction." This legislation heeds his warning by finally addressing the issue of history education.


House Bill 3249 is sponsored by South Carolina State Representative Bill Taylor.

This bill requires the withholding of certain state funds from local governments if they remove historical sculptures or monuments until they are put back in place. Additionally, the bill provides local historical groups with the ability to sue local governments for damages if they violate state monument protection laws. These memorials and works of art belong to the people of this state and must be preserved for futuer generations of South Carolinians.

To view the bill and the current list of co-sponsors, click here.


House Bill 3326 is sponsored by South Carolina State Representative Steven Long.

This bill requires all historical plaques and markers to be certified by the SC Department of History and Archives to be factually accurate and free of opinionated statements. The people of the Palmetto State should be presented with the facts and not biased statements. South Carolinian's should have the right to form their own opinions.

To view the bill and the current list of co-sponsors, click here

Contact Your Legislator

Draft Message of Support:

Dear Representative [Last Name],


I am writing to you to express my strong support for the Story of America legislative package which consists of three bills:  House Bill 3002 (Restore America's Foundation Act) sponsored by Rep. Bennett, HB 3249 introduced by Rep. Taylor, and HB 3326 introduced by Rep. Long.  This package seeks to preserve our national memory for future generations by protecting historical monuments and sculptures, restoring real history education in our schools and protecting the integrity of historical plaques and markers.


President Reagan said, “Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction.”  After witnessing statues of George Washington ripped down, the American flag burned in the street and the national anthem disrespected during the summer of 2020, the Palmetto State must act in 2021.  For decades there have been calls for the need to reestablish patriotic American history education in our schools.  Today, over half of South Carolina students earn a D or F on their 11th grade U.S. History and Constitution exam.  The Restore America’s Foundation Act, will finally address this issue head on and solve the problem.


I was horrified by the violent attacks on America’s historical monuments, especially those to our Founding Fathers.  House Bill 3249, reinforces the rule of law by putting in place financial penalties for those local governments that ignore state monument protection law.


Additionally, we must protect the integrity of our history.  There is an effort in South Carolina to replace historically sound plaques with activist editorials.  House Bill 3326 prevents this malpractice by requiring all plaques be approved by the South Carolina Department of History and Archives. 


Please support and co-sponsor all three bills.  Thank you for considering my request and I look forward to your reply.